Porsche Freezes 911 GT3 Deliveries After Repeated Fires

Five spontaneous combustions send buyers shopping for extinguishers.

The long-awaited Porsche 911 GT3 will keep buyers waiting abit longer, as Porsche postpones worldwide deliveries after five repeatedfires in the track-bound 475 horsepower model. The latest fire wasreported in Wilerstrasse, Switzerland: the driver was given a short advance warningby a noise emanating from the back of the car, stepping out to discover an oilleak and smoke billowing from the back of the car. Shortly, the entire carcaught fire and was destroyed.

This incident followed a similar fire in Avelino,Italy, where the driver was warned by a low-oil light before watching his cargo up in flames. That car had only 60km on it prior to going up in smoke.Porsche is now looking into the cause of the fires, and has halted alldeliveries until a solution is found. The company says that the matter is beinggiven highest priority in the organization, and points to a possible issue withthe car’s engine. While we knew this car was geared at competing with Ferrari,we’d hoped it would be aimed at the Italian’s performance rather than theirreputation for spontaneous combustion.

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