Porsche Gets Stung By TopCar

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The Porsche Panamera will be getting a boost from TopCar. The Stingray GTR will have a more aggressive look and is set to include an enormous rear wing, new hood and extended side skirts as part of its prominent aggressive features. Under the hood, the Panamera Turbo provides a twin-turbo 4.8-liter V8 that produces a little over 600hp due to its high-flow air filter and sports exhaust system.

There is a optionial 700hp package available. There will be three different versions of the Stingray body kit. The first is the White Edition, which is mostly white with some parts trimmed in black. The second version is the Black Matte Edition, detailed in gloss black on the front lip spoiler, front bumper inserts and rear diffuser to name a few. And finally the Carbon Grey Edition, which features a carbon fiber front lip spoiler, rear wings, window trims, front bumper inserts and bumper diffuser.

Production will be small, as Russian tuner TopCar plans to limit them to only 25 units. The new package carries a price tag of $63,500 or €45,000.

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