Porsche GT Boss Drops Hints About 918 Spyder Replacement's Drivetrain

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You may want to pay attention, this car outlines where the automobile is heading.

Porsche GT project director Andreas Preuninger seems to have been in a chatty mood during the 2017 New York Auto Show because he divulged quite a bit of information to Car and Driver, first about a naturally aspirated 4.0-liter flat-six engine coming to the Cayman GT4, and then about the fact there's zero chance of a GT Porsche crossover variant coming to market unless an SUV racing series becomes a thing. This time around, we hear about one of our favorite Porsches, the 918 Spyder.

Or rather, Preuninger took the time to talk about its replacement, because though the current king of the Porsches is a hybrid, the automaker's direct competitors appear to be planning to jump feet first into full electrification. Previous reports indicate that McLaren, which, unlike Ferrari, likes to plunge into the latest available technologies without a worry as to how it will affect its heritage, is developing a fully electric supercar. And then a video leaked onto the Internet reporting that Lamborghini was working on an electric hypercar to top its range. Porsche is likely to carve out its own path on the EV front, especially with the experience it's gaining developing the Mission E.

However, the fact that it shares a common relative with Lamborghini means that it wouldn't be too far-fetched to see Lambo's electric tech migrate to a Porsche 918 replacement. Thankfully (in our humble opinion) that won't be the case. When asked about how Porsche will top the 918, Preuninger mentioned that he didn't know how his team will tackle the problem as there is so far no such car in development. He did, however, mention a bit about its powertrain. would it make sense to do another hybrid? "As Porsche, we need to be the leaders of any movement, and that is why we are doing the [Mission E] electric car," said Preuninger.

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"As a company, we have to do it [EV and hybrids], but maybe it doesn't make sense to do it on a GT level. Not yet. If someone decides all motorsport would be all hybrid in the future, different story." Despite what Preuninger said, it's important to take any statement said with certainty with a grain of salt. Given that Porsche hasn't even started working on a 918 replacement and the fact that the industry is changing at a lightning pace, it's easy to imagine a successful Mission E, a customer base that's receptive to EVs, and harsh regulations, making a whirring Nurburgring champion a reality.

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