Porsche GT2 Driver Narrowly Avoids Death After Blowing Tire At 206 MPH

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We should all aspire to skills like these.

The unrestricted portions of Germany's Autobahn are one of the few gearhead wonders of the world because it allows the public to conduct its own top speed runs legally. That being said, it's still a public road, so caution must be exercised. Here, we see the driver of this Porsche 911 GT2 attempting to find out what the speed wall is for their car. Their experiment promptly ends at a respectable 206 mph when the rear tire blows out, placing the driver, passenger, and other road users at risk.

Most other drivers would wrongly try to stop the car or pull over to the side of the road (the right thing to do is lift off the accelerator and come to a stop), but this skilled conductor avoids what could have been a lethal situation by safely coming to a controlled stop.


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