Porsche GT3 Buyers Unhappy with Recall Compensation

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Would an extra year's warranty on a burning car please you?

While Porsche seems to be working hard to fix the engine-fire problem in its 2014 911 GT3, it has also been forced recall all delivered units and halt deliveries of pre-ordered models. And with wealthy buyers clamoring to get their $130,000-plus cars, and quick, the company is doing everything it can to deal with the issue. According to a letter sent by the company to GT3 owners and posted on Rennlist Forums, Porsche is offering owners $2,000 per month for delayed deliveries.

In addition, the company is planning to extend the car's warranty by 12 months or 100,000 miles beyond the original expiry date or mileage. Some owners, however, are unsatisfied with this offer, with several stating explicitly that they would expect the company to do more. But as compared to some other manufacturers out there, it looks like Porsche is doing the right thing not only by trying to fix the problem, but also by acknowledging it and doing their best to compensate buyers.


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