Porsche GT3 by REIL Performance is a Fierce Panther

A panther sticker and improved handling are the two main features given to the Porsche GT3 by REIL Performance.

MR Car Design's sub-brand REIL Performance has just given the Porsche 997 GT3 a solid aftermarket program. REIL gave the 911-generation some tweaks for improved handling and sound along with a few lightweight pieces that should help out around the track. The 997 GT3 gets a pair of lightweight Akrapovic exhausts which add to the Porsche's power. The new set gives the hardcore supercar a robust sound and it really amplifies its new 455hp output from its 3.8-liter flat-6-cylinder engine.

It also gained a KW Variant 3 coilover suspension system that features a HLS Hydraulic Kit system for improved handling and cornering. A powerful panther (or some sort of cat) sticker adorns the side of the German supercar, giving a fierce... or something like that profile. No pricing information has been released yet for the REIL Performance Porsche GT3, however with the improved control and power it might be worth the bump in price.

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