Porsche GT3 Loses Control On Nurburgring, Spins To Rocky Resting Place


Run-off areas save both lives and valuable sports cars.

The inbuilt safety systems on many modern cars have the ability to sharpen a novice's skill by saving them from the guardrails or allowing them to drift like Ken Block using so-called "drift modes," but for the most part, the old maxim-"a car is only as good as its driver"-remains. The trouble here starts rather suddenly after a calm slow-moving crowd consisting of weekend racers goes by. It's so serine you could put it on loop and fall asleep to it. And then calamity strikes.

Out of nowhere, a Porsche 911 GT3 barrels into the scene unannounced, its driver without the slightest hint of vehicular control. The contrast between this scene and the one seen a second prior is so drastic and abrupt that we can hear the .gif alchemists cooking up memes to the tune of this unfortunate Porsche.

After coming into the turn too hot, the car already wiggling and telling anyone within sight that the driver is fighting with the steering wheel, the Porsche clips a patch of green and ticks off the slow motion "Nooooooooooooo" moment. The heavy rear end wags, driver overcorrects, hits the grass on the opposite side of the track, and commences a spin that ends with them sliding into a gravel run-off area. The Porsche's fenders appear to rattle on the body during the GT3's few moments of air time, but the fact that it comes to a stop before hitting the guardrail proves that this is one of the better outcomes this driver could have asked for.

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