Porsche GTE Grand Tourer Concept Looks Like A Bugatti Beater

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It's beautiful in a way the Panamera could never be.

Porsche doesn't have a single model that completely fits the traditional grand tourer definition, that being a two-door coupe focused on comfort and long-distance driving. The front-engine Porsche 928 was a fine example of a GT, being much more comfortable than 911s at the time. But what would a true Porsche GT look like in the modern era?

Well, a designer by the name of Sreenath Sundaram has envisioned such a car. It's called the Porsche GTE and it's been brought to life by the use of 3D modeling. Sundaram has come up with something beautiful but very different from the rest of the Porsche family.

Sreenath Sundaram/Behance Sreenath Sundaram/Behance Sreenath Sundaram/Behance

Sundaram turned to the Porsche 917 for inspiration for the project. He wanted a design that was distinctive yet devoid of any distracting elements. The overall look is of a low, wide, and sensuous design. It looks like something that can confidently pull up alongside a Bugatti Chiron.

The designer wanted the GTE concept to have a friendly face rather than an aggressive one, which is why the lower bumper was designed as it is. Amusingly, he says the look exudes the expression of a warm, welcoming hug. Gullwing doors give the concept an especially striking appearance when they're open.

Sreenath Sundaram/Behance Sreenath Sundaram/Behance Sreenath Sundaram/Behance

Inside, the design language complements that of the exterior. That's not at all a bad thing. There are two lounge-inspired seats that are connected by a center section. A square steering wheel design has been used, although it thankfully has a top section, unlike Tesla's yoke steering wheel.

Overall, Sundaram's design is a stunner and we can imagine this Porsche GT whisking its occupants along the Autobahn in near silence with a powerful electric powertrain. Porsche's most powerful Taycan produces up to 750 horsepower so performance won't be in short supply if the mechanicals can be made to fit in a coupe-style body.

Sreenath Sundaram/Behance Sreenath Sundaram/Behance
Source Credits: Sreenath Sundaram/Behance

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