Porsche Has A 918 Spyder Successor In The Pipeline

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But it won't happen before 2025.

Porsche will be building another halo car, but we're in for a long wait. The spiritual successor to the 918 Spyder will not be ready before 2025, but it might be possible later. For now, the 911 GT3 RS remains the fiercest Porker you can buy.

Porsche's famous CEO, Oliver Blume, now also in charge of Volkswagen, told Car UK that Porsche is currently focused on its electric strategy. Only after Porsche has successfully implemented its electric strategy, which has seen massive delays so far, will it move on to a new hypercar.

"Porsche was always successful with this kind of hypercar, showing what is possible, showing future technologies, cutting-edge products," said Blume. "We will bring a hypercar when it's time to bring it. So hypercars will play a role for Porsche in the future."

So they're coming, but when? "Before 2025, we won't have a hypercar. Later on, it might be possible," said Blume.

2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Rear View Driving Porsche 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Front View Driving Porsche
2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Rear View Driving
2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Front View Driving

This is good news for Porsche hypercar fanatics who want to add to their existing collection. Every Porsche halo car since the late '80s is now considered a performance car icon. It started with the Group B-inspired 959, after which we waited until 2003 for what might be the ultimate Porsche, the Carrera GT. In 2014, Porsche once again showed what was possible with modern technology and made the hybrid 918 Spyder.

What can Porsche do to upstage the screaming V10 of the Carrera GT and the combined power of the 918's twin-turbocharged V8 and electric motor combination?

If you're an ICE loyalist, you might want to look away now. During a previous interview, Blume stated that the "battery will be the cylinder of tomorrow."

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Considering that all of Porsche's halo models were studies in advanced technology, the 918's successor might be a BEV. Or it might not.

It's no secret that Porsche is spending millions on synthetic fuel, as it believes there is still room for ICE cars. Now that Blume is in charge, even brands like Audi, who was vehemently against ICE engines a year back, have now admitted that there is a future for ICE beyond 2030. Porsche is even going as far as entering Formula 1 in 2026 (maybe) to prove that synthetical fuels will play a massive role in the future.

It's no more than a guess, but Porsche's next halo vehicle will likely follow the same recipe as the 918, blending the most advanced EV and ICE technology. With the upcoming Macan EV pushing 600 horsepower, we can only imagine what kind of power figures a new hypercar will produce once you add gas to the mix.

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2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Front View Driving 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder Rear View Driving

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