Porsche Has A Secret New Taycan Variant In The Works

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There's more to be done with the sedan.

Porsche is an expert on model variants. The impressive size of the 911 lineup is proof. It's not always a matter of "something for everyone" but rather a new trim that's the result of data indicating a market need. It's also important for automakers to get the most bang for their investment buck. That all being said, it appears Porsche is moving ahead with yet another Taycan variant, only this one is a blend of the existing sedan and Cross Turismo.

A series of patent images recently filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office have appeared online showing what appears to be a sedan variant of the Taycan Cross Turismo. Notice the Cross Turismo wagon's rear fascia is now on this sedan along with similar body cladding along the bottom of the sides and extending over the wheel arches.


Whatever Porsche ends up calling this variant, it's actually a pretty good idea. Not only will Porsche get a greater return on its Cross Turismo R&D investment, but it'll give buyers an additional Taycan option because, let's face it, the wagon body style isn't for everyone. Some may appreciate its off-road, go-anywhere styling - except for the wagon part. A more active lifestyle Taycan sedan fills the gap very nicely.

We've reached out to Porsche seeking some clarification but we doubt the response will be anything more than the usual "unable to comment on future product."


Now entering its third model year, the Porsche Taycan has become a smashing sales success. It's been outselling the 911 in recent months and this trend is expected to continue. In addition, the Taycan is an affirmation that Porsche and luxury buyers, in general, are ready for powerful pure battery electric vehicles.

Next year, the all-electric Macan will debut, and because it'll be so different from the existing SUV, Porsche might give it a new name. The gas-powered Macan isn't going anywhere just yet, though. There have also been rumors of the next-generation 718 getting the full EV treatment. This makes sense because its mid-engine layout is ideal for a floor-mounted battery pack. A fully electrified Cayenne is also expected. An all-electric 911, however, is currently not in the cards but a plug-in hybrid version is due to arrive mid-decade.

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