Porsche Has Figured Out A Way To Make The New Panamera Less Ugly

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Nothing like making a concept a reality.

Let's just say the current Porsche Panamera isn't the prettiest car. Its exterior design takes some getting used to, meaning it'll either grow on you or not over time. Porsche is fully aware of this and that's why it's smoothing out the lines of the upcoming next-generation Panamera, likely to debut this September at Paris. With styling heavily influenced by the Sport Turismo concept that debuted at Paris in 2012, the new Panamera will certainly be prettier, as also evidenced by some previous spy shots.

Today, however, our spy photographers have delivered us a new set of images, this time showing a Panamera Shooting Brake testing at the Nurburgring. The awesome discovery here is that this test mule, at least from the side profile, looks almost exactly like the Sport Turismo. Porsche will once again offer a range of engines, from gasoline to diesel as well as a plug-in hybrid. More than likely, both the standard and Shooting Brake will shares all of these engines. But which of the two body styles would you prefer? The Panamera clearly has a love it or hate it look, even the completely new model. But this Shooting Brake is something different.

It actually looks stylish and even special. Will it come to the US, a market that's proven time and again that it doesn't respond well to wagon-style cars? Probably, yes, but maybe not at first. Porsche may want to initially gauge reaction to the Shooting Brake in Europe, then see if Americans take to it. Either way, we'll get our first look at the completely redesigned Panamera this fall.

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