Porsche Has Just Released The 911 R's Configurator: Here Are The Options


Carbon-fiber floor mats and green stripes over here, please.

Porsche just finished wowing the world at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show with the 911 R, a car so purist that it doesn't even come with air conditioning as standard. Now the German automaker has released a configurator for the limited edition sports car, pulling back the veil on all of its options. The 911 R packs a six-speed manual and 4.0-liter flat-six good for 500 horsepower. No automatic or alternate engines are on offer, and that's just fine with us. The 911 R also comes in only two colors: white or GT Silver Metallic.

In addition to the two paint colors there are two colors for the racing stripes, red and green. There are a bunch of other options but here are some of the ones that caught our attention. There's a $2,300 lightweight battery that offers a weight savings of almost 30 pounds (29.7 lbs total). Speaking of cutting weight, carbon fiber floor mats with leather edging and stitching are available for $740. An HD radio receiver for $370 is notable because this is a normal feature of modern cars. The fact that it's an option on the 911 R shows just how enthusiast-oriented this car really is. And for the purists out there who get sweaty in the summer, Porsche is offering an air conditioning system at no extra charge.

There are many more options to add, and you could easily get carried away and create a 911 R that crosses the $200,000 threshold. We'll have a full configuration up later but for now we encourage you to check out Porsche's latest configurator for yourself and let us know what you come up with. Are you bold enough to go with green racing stripes?

Source Credits: www.porsche.com

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