Porsche Has Learned The Error Of Its Ways

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Plans to offer next track-focused model with a manual.

The new Porsche 911 R is only offered with one transmission: an amazing six-speed manual. While some enthusiasts don't see the whole point behind a track-focused sports car with a manual only option, there are some out there that see the magic behind the car and we're part of the latter group. It seems like Porsche has learned that enthusiasts out there are craving for track-focused cars with manual transmissions and will offer the next 911 GT3 with one. According to Autocar, Porsche will offer the next GT3 with a manual gearbox option.

Autocar reports that Porsche's head of GT cars, Andreas Preuinger, confirmed that the next GT3 will come with the option for drivers to shift gears themselves, while the GT3 RS will be PDK only. Preuinger also stated that the automaker's GT cars will remain naturally aspirated for the forseeable future, which is a great thing. Well, all of the GT cars except for the upcoming 911 GT2 that is. That's right, Preuninger also confirmed that his team is working on a new GT2, which he said would not be a widowmaker, but would be tough to control. There's no word on whether the upcoming GT2 will be offered with a manual transmission, but we're expecting it to be incredibly powerful.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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