Porsche Introduces New Turbonite Crest And Trim To Make Turbo Models Even More Special

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You'll know a Turbo when you see one.

Porsche is looking to further differentiate Turbo-badged models from the rest of its lineup by introducing a new Turbo-exclusive trim called Turbonite.

Porsche uses the word "Turbo" as a badge of honor for the pinnacle of every model series (GT models aside), even in lineups like the 911, where almost every model has a turbocharged engine. So, to help these derivatives stand out even more, the new Turbonite appearance upgrades are on the way.

Going forward, Turbo models will be easily discernible from the moment you see the Porsche crest. The crest, which was newly revamped this year as part of Porsche's 75th anniversary celebrations, will now be finished in Turbonite instead of the traditional gold and red. This new metallic grey hue was explicitly developed for Turbo models and will debut on the upcoming Porsche Panamera facelift.

Porsche Porsche Porsche Turbonite Crest Porsche
Porsche Turbonite Crest

This facelift is expected to be quite substantial, with an entirely revamped interior and several new hybrid models, but it seems the Turbo will get the lion's share of the external updates.

Turbonite won't be reserved just for the crest. On future models, this new hue will also be used on the lettering on the rear of the car and the window surround trim. The new Turbonite crest will also appear on the wheels and steering wheel.

Depending on the model line, Porsche will include Turbonite on interior inlays, the spokes, or the aeroblades in light alloy wheels. Additional interior adornments include trim strips, belt straps, and several physical buttons, such as the air conditioning control panel.

In combination with a black interior, Turbonite will also be used as a contrasting color for the stitching on the seats, the door panel trims, the instrument panel, and floor mats.

Porsche Porsche

"In 1974, we presented the first turbocharged 911. Since then, Turbo has become a synonym for our top models and is now more or less a brand of its own. We now want to make the Turbo even more visible and differentiate it more markedly from other derivatives such as the GTS," said Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche. "This is why we've developed a distinctive Turbo aesthetic. From now on, the Turbo versions will exhibit a consistent appearance across all model lines - one that is elegant, high-quality, and very special."

The facelifted Panamera is expected to debut with four hybrid powertrains, and the range-topping Turbo S E-Hybrid with 729 horsepower will undoubtedly receive this treatment.

Porsche Porsche Porsche

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Porsche Turbonite Crest

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