Porsche Is Just At The Tip Of The Iceberg With Electric Cars

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The automaker won't stop with the Mission E.

Electric and autonomous vehicles are all the rage and Porsche doesn't want to fall behind. In a recent interview with Top Gear, director for the Porsche 911 Turbo line Erhard Mossle revealed that the automaker wouldn't stop with the Mission E. Mossle told the automotive outlet that Porsche likely create an all-electric two-door coupe based off of the four-door Mission E. Porsche purists won't be happy with this news, but the automaker needs to keep up with the times.

"The Mission E could lead to a future when we need more electric cars to meet our regulations," said Mossle. "So, you can imagine a Mission E with two-doors-the car looks great and there could be potential for a sports car. Whether it's called a 911 or not is another discussion." If anything, Porsche won't ruin the 911 name with an electric car, but would still use it as the base for its all-electric sports car. "Maybe, the Mission E is the starting point in this segment and with our other car lines, you don't just have one car, there are some variants." When Porsche comes out with the Mission E at the end of the decade, the brand will use the vehicle as a stepping stone for faster, more fuel-efficient models.

That doesn't sound so bad, right?However, that doesn't mean that Porsche will completely ditch the 911's powertrain as we know it. "The 911 will, for a long time, remain a rear engine car with a turbo combustion engine, but of course we discuss other solutions too like a plug-in hybrid," stated Mossle. With an expected output of 600 hp and a zero to 62 mph time of 3.5 seconds, the Mission E will be an absolute blast when it comes out. A lighter two-door variant would be even faster, which is better.

Source Credits: www.topgear.com

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