Porsche is Making the 911 GT3 RS Wonderfully Bonkers

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Porsche is somehow going to improve upon the amazing GT3.

While the Porsche 911 GT2's future remains uncertain, what will definitely happen is an even more ridiculous GT3, the GT3 RS. Set to arrive fairly soon, famed Porsche test driver Walter Rohr is already behind the wheel of RS prototypes. And a new report from Auto Express is giving us some first details about the car. For starters, it'll be equipped with an aero package that increases downforce by about 50 percent over the existing GT3.

Expect to see winglets on the front spoiler. A wider track front and rear will also be needed because of new and beefier tires. The rest of the car will pretty much follow everything else on the GT3 and yes, a PDK dual-clutch will remain the sole transmission option. Because of the aforementioned aero enhancements, the gearbox will also require some fine tuning. All told, there should be a slight power boost over that of the GT3, which delivers 475 hp. And thanks to some further weight reduction methods, the GT3 RS will trump the GT3's 0-60 time as well as its top speed. More importantly, however, the GT3's 7 minute, 25 second Nurburgring lap time will be crushed.

Source Credits: autoexpress.co.uk

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