Porsche is Psychotic in a Good Way for its Le Mans Return

Perhaps these are the guys who will finally beat Audi.

It’s been several years since Porsche competed in the LMP1 category at Le Mans, and the automaker’s motorsport division wants to win it again. Big time. If you ever thought German carmakers were ever a little bit nuts over even the slightest details with its road and racing cars, then you’d be absolutely right. Porsche is obviously no exception. So when it comes to its big return to Le Mans next year, Ze Germans aren’t taking any chances.

The carmaker even signed soon-to-be former F1 Red Bull driver Mark Webber to pilot its new LMP1 car, yet another sign that Porsche is in it to win it. Need more proof of this? Check out this new official video. Seriously, these guys ain’t fooling around. Maybe Audi should be worried.

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