Porsche Is Raffling A One-Of-One Macan For Charity

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This Macan was also built to commemorate a special 20th anniversary.

Porsche always builds a good special edition. It also loves auctioning them. Porsche recently sold off a 911 built to remember Sally Carrera from Cars for a cool $3 million, with every cent going to charity. Now, Porsche is going to perform the magic again, though we don't think this Signal Yellow Porsche Macan is going to go for a lofty $3 million, but in this market who knows? If you're really hankering for a yellow Macan like this, you can just shell out a few grand and have Porsche Manufaktur paint you one. Still, that color isn't all that makes this Macan special.

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First, let's get to the "why," now that we've established the "who" and "what" here. For the last 20 years, Porsche has made a de facto home out of Leipzig, Germany. The brand has built (you guessed it) the Macan, as well as the Panamera, out of Leipzig for the last two decades. Porsche has also become active in the community, supporting local charitable causes and sports teams in a variety of ways. This year, Porsche is going to attend the Leipzig Opera Ball for the ninth year. So, to commemorate both 20 years in Leipzig and the 9th go around at the ball, Porsche built this Macan, which will be raffled off on September 24.


The whole thing is actually an important tradition for Porsche. It's not the first time Porsche has raffled off a car here. This time, the proceeds from the raffle will be going to the Leipzig Hilft Kinder foundation or Leipzig Helps Children, for you non-German speakers. Porsche presented the car to the public earlier this month during an event commemorating 20 years of Porsche production in Leipzig. Porsche has also installed some custom doorsills and uprated wheels to the car. The sills read "Leipziger Opernball 2022" on one side, with the other reading "20 Years of Porsche Leipzig."


"With this special vehicle, we are creating an attractive incentive to purchase tickets for an evening of opera," Porsche Leipzig CEO Gerd Rupp said. "Each ticket sold helps the implementation of social projects." Unfortunately, it's not clear which Macan trim this is. Porsche's photos don't show the rear of the car, and we don't really have any other clues. We're guessing it's a slightly uprated model, like the Macan T, frankly because it might not reflect well on Porsche to give away a stripped-down base model.


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