Porsche Isn't Happy About Ridiculous Asking Prices For The 911 R


Porsche is understandably a bit peeved with people trying to sell the 911 R for $1 million.

Few cars drive such ridiculous asking prices as the limited edition Porsche 911 R. Essentially a GT3 RS with a manual gearbox, the original MSRP for the 911 R was $184,000. But demand soared to the point that dealers had the audacity to try and sell you one for $1 million. Turns out Porsche isn’t too happy about the situation, unsurprisingly. Speaking to Pistonheads, Porsche’s GT Division boss Andreas Preuninger expressed his dismay at people trying to make a quick buck on the 911 R.

We are not a hedge fund," he said. "We are a company that produces cars, we live because we sell cars and we have to make a profit to go on. So we cannot offer cars with a built-in promise to keep value for a small amount of chosen people, this wouldn't be fair." Preuninger also believes that the 911 R will retain its value no matter what Porsche releases later down the line. “The R will stand on its pedestal forever, as with the 997 GT3 RS 4.0. With that car it didn't hurt that there was a 991 GT3, it didn't hurt that there was a 991 RS, it didn't hurt that there was an R with a manual gearbox - RS 4.0 values are sky high. It is the same with the R."

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Owners will no doubt be relieved that the 911 R is unlikely to depreciate over time, but it’s clear that Preuninger wishes owners would appreciate the prestigious Porsche for what it is rather than treating it as an extortionate cash cow. If you’re looking for something similar, the upcoming facelifted GT3 with a manual gearbox is probably a more sensible option.