Porsche Isn't Anywhere Near Done With Its EV Onslaught

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Here's what's coming in 2022.

Anyone who thought the Porsche Taycan would be the automaker's only all-electric vehicle is sorely mistaken. It may be for now but this will change very soon. Despite the current global pandemic, Porsche is still pursuing plans to launch more electric vehicles, such as the Macan. We already knew an all-electric Porsche Macan was in the works but we still didn't have a clear timeline as to when it'll launch. Now we do.

According to Michael Steiner, Porsche executive board member for Development, who was speaking to German publication Automobilwoche, Macan EV production is scheduled to get underway at the end of 2022 and Audi will also be launching an EV SUV at the same time. "We are currently discussing whether a parallel launch of both cars makes sense, and are considering launching the electric Macan a few months later," Steiner said about both EVs. "But that hasn't been decided yet."

2019-2020 Porsche Macan Front Angle View Porsche
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The fact that both vehicles will begin production at around the same time makes sense. Both brands have been co-developing a new platform, codenamed Premium Platform Electric (PPE), and it will serve as the basis for battery electrics beginning in 2022. Porsche previously confirmed the Macan EV will sit on this platform, which is separate from what the Taycan uses. We know very little about it at this time, only that it'll have 800-volt charging technology - just like the Taycan. It will also be built at Porsche's Leipzig factory where the current generation Macan is manufactured.

In addition to the new SUVs from Porsche and Audi, the former is also pressing ahead for what we've long suspected: an all-electric Boxster/Cayman. "It's our clear intention to electrify the Boxster/Cayman, but it hasn't been finally decided on yet."

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However, both two-seaters will utilize a separate platform than the Macan. The PPE platform will instead be used as the basis for many more new models, not necessarily electrified versions of existing ones. For example, the Macan is classified as a B-segment vehicle and PPE can be adapted to a larger C-segment crossover. In other words, Porsche could relatively easily do a mid-size EV crossover about the size of the Cayenne. The Macan is, of course, a compact crossover.

Regardless of what Porsche ultimately decides to pursue, we can already be rest assured that its future EVs will be exciting and true driving machines, just like the Taycan.

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Source Credits: automobilwoche

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