Porsche Just Built An Office Chair That Is HOW Expensive?!

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This might be the coolest way to be a badass at work.

Let's just get one thing straight, this is NOT a late April Fools Day joke. Porsche has just revealed its new Office Chair RS. This new chair from Porsche is built to the same specifications as the seats in a 911 GTS and GT3. The seat is trimmed in leather and alcantara and features a rechargeable battery for the backrest adjuster. Like the seats in a 911, the Chair RS comes with a jacket hook on the back and a Porsche crest sewn into the headrest. And like the car itself, the chair is available in more than one trim level.

The base variant costs $5,690, while the version with alcantara is $6,570. Porsche has even created a fun promotional video for its new office chair. While this is definitely cool, you could probably go to a junkyard and build your own from an old 944 or 924 seat. Either way, we want a Porsche armchair for work!


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