Porsche Just Found Another Way To Stop Its Owners From Being Stupid

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Of course, this option is going to cost you extra.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that some of the most expensive sports cars are also some of the lowest-set vehicles you can encounter on the road. Unfortunately, people make mistakes, and even those who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on their performance cars don't always pay full attention while driving. So, in many cases it's common to see a Lamborghini or Ferrari owner scrape the front lip of their expensive ride in driveways, on ramps, or in parking garages. Porsche just gave future owners of the new 911 a way out. Is it worth it?

We don't know yet how much the lift system on the front axle will cost 911 fans, but we do know that the new system in this video has the ability to lift the suspension about 1.5 inches.

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