Porsche Just Recalled The 918 Spyder Again: Here's What's Broken Now

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The 1 percent just can't catch a break, eh?

Porsche is proving that life isn't all roses for the 1 percent. How so? It's issued another recall for the 918 Spyder. Back in December 2014 a recall was issued for a problem with the front axle. This time Porsche's "precautionary" recall focuses on the electrical wiring harness for a radiator fan. Said harness could be damaged by a carbon-fiber component. The recall affects 223 918 Spyders in the US. Repairs, if needed, will be free of charge and take about half a day to complete.

It's always big news whenever a supercar is recalled, but this may become more common as automotive tech continues to advance. After all, the more moving parts you have the more things that can break. From the sound of things this recall isn't for a life-threatening issue, so at least there's that. When you own a 918 Spyder you likely see the glass as half-full at all times.

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