Porsche Lied To You, The Panamera Sport Turismo Isn't More Functional

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It'll still sell well, but pin that on its gorgeous looks.

The Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo is a strange car and upon its release, there was just as much excitement as there was bewilderment. In a time where hipsters are combining everything, changing the art of cooking by implementing Mexican-Asian fusion taco trucks on every street corner and forcing local cafes to stock avocado toast, why on Earth did Porsche deem it necessary to merge a Panamera with a Macan roofline and send it to dealerships? If you must ask, you must not be European.

Congratulations on whatever you happen to be, but it's important to become more cultured, and you can do so by learning about the Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo. The main reason it was drawn up in the first place is because Europe happens to have a love affair with wagons.

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The types of practically minded people who buy them want more fun out of them. Mercedes, BMW, and Audi have done well to cater to this segment, but Porsche is the new kid in town, weening those cargo-toting Europeans one Cayenne, Macan, and now, Sport Turismo at a time. Thing is, the Panamera Sport Turismo only gains 1.76 cubic feet of extra storage space in the rear. This is no Porsche for the pragmatic, then, is it? Instead, it's a car intended to seduce its audience with its looks and may be one of the few wagons that can do so. Who ever said Germans can't do sexy?

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