Porsche Likely to Produce Panamera Sport Turismo


Due to much applause from its Parisian debut, Porsche is strongly considering a production version of its Panamera Sport Turismo wagon.

The Porsche Panamera is one of those cars with a love-it or hate-it design. There isn't much of a grey zone here and the suits over at Stuttgart are aware of its divisive styling, hence the debut of the Panamera Sport Turismo Concept that's currently on display at the Paris Motor Show. Despite the tremendous success of Porsche's first sedan, the German automaker has some styling upgrades in mind. And some of those are bound for production, in one form or another.

With the Sport Turismo concept receiving positive reviews in Paris, Porsche marketing chief Bernhard Maier stated that "it is getting more likely that we will do such a car." While Porsche evaluates the production prospects of a Panamera wagon based on the concept, certain other elements bundled into the design are also likely to make it into a refresh of the Panamera sedan, expected to arrive sometime around 2017. Those details on the concept include the Boxster-derived headlights, the tail-lamps borrowed from the latest 911 and a cleaner take on the enveloping interior.


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