Porsche Loves Bragging About Its Racing Tech That's Now Street Legal

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Can you blame them?

Here's Porsche's bottom line: every one of its cars is a race car. It doesn't matter whether it's a 911 GT3 RS or a Macan SUV; there's race-derived technology across the entire model lineup. Porsche has recently been producing a series of top five videos, such as its greatest spoilers and rear wings, and its latest is its top five technologies that made it from the racetrack to the street. All five are quite impressive, and we're certainly not the ones who should be ranking them. That's Porsche's job, and it's pretty hard to disagree with its conclusions.

Complete explanations are provided in the video below, but for the sake of lists, here are the five Porsche-developed racing technologies that are now offered on road-going models. And don't forget: Porsche is constantly developing new tech for the track.

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What may sound advanced and unattainable by non-racing drivers today could very well likely be on the market in only a few years' time, especially given the rapid pace of technology these days. Here's that top five list: 5. First race car from Porsche with a carbon chassis, derived from the 911 GT1. 4. Driving mode switch from the 918 Spyder. 3. Ceramic disk brakes, which came from the 962.

2. Turbocharging for maximized performance, thanks to the 917 10 Can Am racer. 1. A highly compact turbocharged four-cylinder engine paired with two energy recuperation system, a pioneer for e performance. Thank the 919 Hybrid Le Mans race car for these.


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