Porsche Loves Option Lists So Much It Will Now Install A Navigation System In Your Old 911


It's actually pretty cool, but Porsche had that coming.

Old air-cooled 911s are often praised for offering a pure driving experience, with a really direct connection between driver and road. Even the cabin offers little to distract you, which is a really great thing right up until the moment you get lost. So Porsche Classic has a solution for this problem: It is offering a small navigation system that'll plug right into the dash of any 911 from the first generation up through the Type 993, the last air-cooled version of the car.

The unit is small enough to be discreet and blend in with the older cabin, which is a big advantage over an aftermarket unit. There are two knobs, six buttons and a 3.5-inch screen, and it also offers Bluetooth, as the unit doubles as a radio. Now the bad news. This being a Porsche product, it isn't cheap.

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So far it's only available in Europe, but the price there is 1,184 Euros, or about $1,340. But we're guessing that not too many people who have bought classic 911s have done so because they thought Porsche ownership would be cheap.