Porsche Macan EV Coming With Clever Front Aero

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Innovation never stops in Stuttgart.

The Porsche Macan has been quite a remarkable product for Porsche, taking the Cayenne's baton of sporty practicality and running with it in a smaller, more affordable, and more agile package. Others have noticed the runaway success of the Macan and are now looking to replicate that. To keep up, the Macan needs an update, but no matter how well it gets refreshed, it will never outrun legislation. As a result, the gas-powered Macan must die, and in its place, the Porsche Macan EV will continue to bring bucketloads of cash in for Stuttgart's premier brand. We've been waiting for this vehicle to wrap up development and be released to our journalistic mittens, but that may take a little while yet as the new EV is still wearing mittens of its own.

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When it finally arrives, it won't be the only premium electric crossover around, at least not for long. Still, it has a good chance against the Polestar 4 and other rivals thanks to an attractive design of its own, an active rear spoiler, and that typical Porsche driving experience. For now, let's take a closer look at the crossover's yet-to-be-revealed design. We recently learned that the Macan EV would feature frameless door windows and an active rear spoiler. In these detailed shots, we can also clearly see that the Macan EV will have full-width taillights, just like the latest Cayenne will. We can also see fake exhaust finishers in the rear bumper applique, but these may well be a weak attempt at disguising the electric powertrain.

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At the front, we see that the bumper will have openings in the lower grille that appear to boast adjustable vanes. In the above imagery, this is clearly evident, as is the fact that the upper grille will be deleted. We can only assume that this is to manage the efficiency of the cooling system, but possible aerodynamic benefits may come to light too. Of course, the design of the front end will still change further for the sake of aesthetics, particularly around the fog lights and those additional illumination units in the lower bumper. Little else is clearly apparent besides the shape of those Taycan-inspired headlights, but we feel confident in guessing that this will be one of the best-looking EVs around. Expect to see the final product towards the end of this year before it goes on sale for the 2023 model year.

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