Porsche Macan EV Will Debut In 2024 With 600-HP And 300-Mile Range

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It's shaping up to be a segment leader.

The Macan EV will soon join the Porsche lineup as the brand's second electric vehicle and should prove hugely popular in the burgeoning electric SUV segment. According to a report from Automotive News, it should prove worthy of the Porsche crest. With more than 600 horsepower on tap, Porsche describes the electric SUV as one of the sportiest offerings in its class.

When it arrives, the electric Macan will be the first Porsche to use the Premium Platform Electric architecture. Dual electric motors will send power to all four wheels, with the manufacturer noting the newcomer will deliver accurate all-wheel control and on-demand torque distribution.

Based on preliminary European figures, the 100 kWh battery is expected to deliver 300 miles of driving range. US figures will differ slightly, but we anticipate the Macan EV will arrive with a competitive range figure.

2024 Porsche Macan EV Driving Front Angle Porsche

Like its sibling, the Taycan, the new Macan EV will utilize 800-volt technology, allowing for impressive fast charging times. The battery should charge from 5% to 80% in 25 minutes.

Moreover, Porsche says the electric Macan will boast rear-wheel steering at speeds of up to 50 mph. The rear wheels can turn at angles of up to five degrees, providing the driver with a more exciting driving experience. It also makes tasks like parking and reversing the vehicle out of tricky spots far easier.

High-speed stability is also improved, as the rear wheels steer in the same direction as those at the front. In typical Porsche fashion, the rear electric motor has been positioned as far back as possible to provide greater agility when powering out of a corner.

2024 Porsche Macan EV Front View Driving Porsche

As per the publication, dealers suggest the Macan EV may boast impressive driver assistance features, such as hands-free driving tech and a camera-based monitoring system for the driver. So far, all we've seen are camouflaged spy shots and cheeky teasers, but it's clear the electric Macan was inspired by Porsche's first EV, the Taycan.

We know the Macan EV will have an active rear spoiler, but clever aerodynamic trickery abounds. The front end appears to be equipped with adjustable vanes. This will serve as an active grille that channels air to where it's needed.

Round back, you can see the electric Macan has taken on a sleeker look, but it's still recognizable as a Porsche, thanks to those Cayenne-like taillights.


Speaking to Germany's Automobilwoche, Porsche production boss Albrecht Reimold says he expects the Macan EV to be as popular as the current ICE-powered model. "We produce more than 80,000 units per year of the current generation. In the long term, we also plan to produce the all-electric Macan on this scale."

The Macan is currently the most affordable Porsche model on sale and, unsurprisingly, accounts for plenty of the brand's sales. The electric crossover was delayed due to software issues and is only expected to arrive in America in 2024.

It's not just Porsche that's had to contend with software-related delays. Audi and Bentley have both had to push back the introduction of new models, with the former having to stall the introduction of the Artemis EV by a whopping three years.


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2024 Porsche Macan EV Driving Front Angle 2024 Porsche Macan EV Front View Driving

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