Porsche Macan Hits the Nurburgring

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After witnessing the solid sales of the Range Rover Evoque, Porsche is about to launch a counter assault.

Porsche's upcoming Range Rover Evoque fighter, the Macan, has already been spotted in the flesh by our spy photographers. San any camouflage, the Macan looks exactly what you'd picture a smaller Cayenne to look like. That's not a bad thing, especially when considering that the Cayenne is also quite something in the performance department. As expected, Porsche has every intention for the upcoming Macan to follow suit, as these latest spy shots clearly show.

Once again donning very little camo, a Macan prototype is seen here doing some final testing on the famed Nurburgring. While it'll never be much of an off-roader (though it was never really intended to be), Porsche is intent on making sure its latest model will be worthy of wearing that famous Stuttgart badge. We expect to see both the base and turbo models debut at the LA Auto Show in November. Hybrid and diesel variants are also very likely at some point down the road in the very near future.

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