Porsche Macan Showing More Skin

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Porsche's upcoming luxury compact SUV, the Macan, appears to be going through some final winter testing in Sweden as it gets even closer to production.

The luxury performance compact crossover segment is the latest thing to hit the auto industry and premium carmakers left and right are jumping into this ridiculously profitable segment. Audi has been laughing all the way to the bank as it continues to watch sales of its Q5 stay strong in today's weakened global economy. So it shouldn't come as a surprise to hear Porsche wants its share of the cash pie too, hence the upcoming Macan. Yes, both brands fall under the VW Group umbrella, but the Porsche will be distinct from its Audi cousin.

Our spy photographers have spotted Macan prototypes testing several times before but today we're now seeing test mules beginning to shed more camouflage as it gets closer to its official unveiling. Around a year or so ago, Macan prototypes were being tested with Q5 body panels in order to hide the former's styling. That's not the case anymore and these latest spy shots gives us the best glimpse so far of what to expect from Porsche's baby Cayenne. We don't know when it'll debut, but a good bet will be the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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