Porsche Macan to Debut in LA

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Word on the street is that Porsche has chosen one of its favorite car shows to take the wraps off its new baby crossover.

Porsche has a long history of revealing new models at the LA Auto Show. And with good reason: the US is the company's largest market, and California represents a good chunk of those sales. Last year the Cayman debuted there. Before that, the Panamera GTS. In 2010, it was the Cayman R. In 2009, the Boxster Spyder. We could go on, but you get the point. So what has Porsche got in store for this year's show? According to the latest intel, the new Macan.

The compact crossover will slot in below the hot-selling and eminently profitable Cayenne to expand Porsche's crossover family and boost its sales significantly. Although Porsche doesn't expect to sell as many Macans as Land Rover does the Evoque, it could end up being the German marque's most ubiquitous model. It also promises to be its least expensive, with a price tag that ought to start just under the Boxster's $50k base price. Expect a range of engines to start with V6 units and later expand with the possible addition of a supercharged inline-four, hybrid and even Turbo model.

Although the Macan will share its underpinnings with the Audi Q5, Porsche is working hard to differentiate it from its more staid stablemate, giving it unique Porsche character and trimming its weight even further. The Macan will be the second new Porsche joining the lineup this year, alongside the 918 Spyder. A smaller counterpart to the Panamera is set to follow as early as 2014 or 2015, but Porsche is reportedly watching the Maserati Ghibli closely before giving the final approval. The 2013 Los Angeles Motor Show kicks off in November.

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