Porsche Made How Much On Every Vehicle Sold?!

It's totally true: Porsche. There is no substitute.

Well actually, it’s the Volkswagen Group that really takes home the check. Now that Porsche is fully owned by VW, that’s just the way things work. According to a new report, Porsche last year earned $23,200 on every vehicle sold. That’s certainly impressive, but fellow premium VW Group brand, Bentley, wasn’t far behind. It pocketed $21,500 per vehicle. Next up was the Audi brand, which also includes Lamborghini, taking home $5,200 in profit per vehicle.

And just for some further comparison numbers here, the Jetta or Passat, two of VW’s most mass marketed and popular models, return a profit of $850 for every one sold. So why is Porsche so damn profitable? For starters, the brand is not quite as exclusive as, say, Lamborghini, but it’s still premium nonetheless. Its customers are "far less price sensitive." Another reason, which is relevant for both Porsche and Bentley, is that their wealthy customers have fewer brands to "cross-shop" with. Potential Passat buyers, for example, have nearly a dozen similar sedans to choose from. All told, VW is hoping to sell more than 10 million vehicles this year, up from 9.73 million in 2013.

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