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Porsche Makes It Harder To Steal Your Classic

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GPS tracking system and gearshift lock ought to thwart most thieves.

Older cars tend to get stolen more often – both because their parts are in higher demand on the black market, and because they lack the anti-theft measures implemented on newer cars. That can be a particular drag when the car in question is something like, say, a classic Porsche. But that German automaker has been working on solutions.

Among them is the new Porsche Classic Vehicle Tracking System – a sort of LoJack for older examples of Zuffenhausen's finest, a higher proportion of which are still on the road than most manufacturers'.

Concealed within the vehicle, the GPS-enabled system alerts both the owner and the automaker should it detect that someone's trying to steal it. The owner then has the ability to disable the engine remotely, so that it can only be reactivated by operators at Porsche's own security center. And if you think all a thief needs to do is disconnect the battery, think again: the tracking system uses its own power supply, and cutting the electrical system also trips the alarm – as does the proximity of a GPS-signal jammer, should thieves try that trick.

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The system's available for older Porsches, from the original 356 to the exotic Carrera GT. It costs about a thousand euros, with a 20-euro-per-month subscription. Fitting it takes between one and four hours, and we won't be surprised to see it offered in other markets outside Europe.

The company's also offering a mechanical lock for the shift lever, supplied by Bear-Lock out of Berlin. It's already available at 250 euros for "modern classics" like the 997-gen 911, 986 Boxster, 987 Cayman, and first- and second-generation Cayenne models. And if a hundred or so owners get together, Bear-Lock can develop a similar device for just about any Porsche model.