Porsche Makes Most Popular Car Even More Desirable


It's amazing what a power boost and some chassis tweaks can do the the Macan.

Porsche already proved it could make a stunning SUV with the Cayenne, so it was no shock to find out upon its launch a couple of years ago that the Macan would also be a terrific car. On top of being a rather lovely premium 4x4, the Cayenne's baby brother also happened to be one of the nicest SUVs in its class to drive. And now, Porsche's upped the Macan's ante even further, via the release of an all-new 'Performance Package' for the Turbo model that sits at the top of the Macan range.

As its name suggests, the Porsche Macan with the Performance Package is a fair bit faster than the Macan Turbo on which it's based. Thanks to a revised 3.6-liter V6 that pumps out 440 hp and 442 lb-ft of torque (increases of 40 hp and 36 lb-ft respectively), it's far brisker in a straight line, with the Macan PP's 0-62 mph sprint time of 4.2 seconds and 169 mph top speed being a fifth of a second quicker and 5 mph higher than what a stock Macan Turbo can muster. It's not all about pure acceleration figures with the Macan PP, though, as Porsche also uprated the car's stopping power - courtesy of new six-piston calipers, and front brake discs that are a whopping 390 mm in diameter.

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Further complementing the extra performance-improving extras are the adaptive PASM dampers, a 10 mm reduction in ride height over a Macan Turbo and standard-fitment of the Sport Chrono pack. Plus, those who want to murder out their Macan PP can do so via the predominantly black trim pieces that come with the 'Turbo Exterior' and 'Turbo Interior' optional extras. All of this Porsche SUV excellence doesn't come cheap, however: at $86,445, the Macan PP is 10 grand more expensive than a base Macan Turbo, which only narrows down to $8,000 or so when you add the PP's standard-fit items that are optional extras on the Turbo. We'll let you decide if such a premium is worth it or not.