Porsche May Build A Cayenne Coupe To Compete With The BMW X6


Please Porsche, don't fall into the same trap as BMW and Mercedes.

The whole Coupe-UV trend, otherwise known as a SUV Coupe, has burst onto the scene in recent years. It all started in 2009 when BMW took the X5, and turned into into the X6. The SUV was based on the same platform as the X5, but featured a more coupe-like roofline that hindered cabin space in exchange for a sportier look. The X6 was such a success that Mercedes copied the idea with the GLE Coupe. Autocar reports that Porsche could be working on an SUV coupe based on the Cayenne to compete against BMW and Mercedes.

The third generation Cayenne was recently revealed, and is already looking like a standout SUV in the market. Porsche boss Oliver Blume confirmed that the company "is thinking about" a coupe version of the Cayenne, but it "has not decided yet." Blume added that “We analyze different segments and this can be an option in the future. Today, no decision has been taken. We have to make a calculation and talk to our customers.” If Porsche customers express a desire to buy this model, then the company will put it into production. Porsche design boss Michael Mauer even confirmed that this model has been designed as an internal project.

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Mauer said that Porsche has a "strong history" of creating new versions of its existing models. The company recently showed that this can result in some spectacular models like the Panamera Sport Turismo. Mauer says that "the brand asks me to provide design ideas to visualize the product portfolio with no limitations of budgets. For each and every model, we have a lot of ideas. But there has to be a business plan.” Personally, we'd love to see a two-door Panamera with the 928 codename instead of a coupe version of the Cayenne. We aren't huge fans of the X6 or the GLE coupe, so a Cayenne coupe is not high on our wish list.