Porsche Mission E Preparations Have Entered The Next Level

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For starters, high speed chargers are coming to every Porsche dealership.

Although its official production version name has yet to be announced (or decided), the all-electric Porsche Mission E is a huge deal for the German automaker. We already know development is ongoing for the EV sedan, due to debut in late 2019, but new remarks first sent to USA Today by Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer signifies preparations for its arrival are being made on the ground. Porsche will add ultra-fast Level 4 chargers at all of 189 of its US dealerships.

Remember, Tesla owners benefit from a supercharging network unique only to them, so Porsche figures it might as well do something similar. "Changing infrastructure is an extremely important part of the EV experience as a whole," Zellmer said. The difference between a Level 4 and Level 3 battery charging system is predominantly charging time. For example, the Mission E will be capable of adding 250 miles to its range in just 20 minutes of charging, while a Level 3 charger delivers less than half that extra range. A Level 2 charger could require as much as four to five hours. The Mission E will have a maximum driving range of 310 miles on a full charge.

Zellmer did add that, despite the Level 4 charging stations being made available at dealerships, he expects a majority of owners to rely on Level 2 systems most of the time, meaning they'll be plugging in overnight at home. Even so, the fact that Porsche is investing Level 4 chargers is quite impressive because they're not exactly cheap. A Level 3 charging station, for example, can easily cost $50,000 per unit. And yes, just like its expected main rival, the Tesla Model S, the five-passenger Mission E will also have a frunk, or front trunk, providing an additional 3.5 cubic feet of cargo space on top of the rear trunk.


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