Porsche Needs 100 Buyers To Make The Cayman GT4 Rally Car Happen

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Okay, so who's in?

Last August we learned of the existence of Porsche's Cayman GT4 rally car, based on the outgoing 718 Cayman GT4. It looked incredible. Unfortunately, we couldn't confirm whether or not it was slated for production, even in limited numbers.

Fortunately, Top Gear received an answer from Porsche's motorsport chief Frank-Steffen Walliser. "We had drivers, teams, fans, everybody excited (about the GT4 rally car)", he said. "Even the WRC's top five drivers all wanted to drive it. It's pure rear-wheel drive and just the sound of the car as it comes through the woods, it's really loud." Walliser and his team even built a demonstration model to get "some experience, (and) how to set up and where to put a spare wheel. What to do with tires, everything." So, why not build it?


Well, Porsche wants to, though under one condition: "We need to sell 100 to get the green light," Walliser said. The prototype built has, more or less, resolved all outstanding mechanical and technical questions, thus making a production version good to go. But this business, and any business has to make money. Porsche's bean counters have done the math and concluded the minimum number of buyers required. So, any takers out there?

If you need any additional convincing, Walliser also told Top Gear why the Cayman was chosen to be transformed into a rally car. In short, its size. "Just by the width of the car, the Cayman helps because it fits exactly the WRC track."

Furthermore, it sounds like there's a solid chance the GT4 will race, assuming it's built. "We are in conversations with the FIA about the RGT category. I expect if we enter a category, others will follow." To be clear, Porsche has no intention of running its own rally team. A Dakar rally return is also ruled out. The Cayman GT4 rally car would be solely for private teams.


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