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Porsche Obsessive Portrayed in ‘Urban Outlaw’ Documentary

Dreadlocked rebel Porsche customizer has owned over 40 911 models.

Porsche customizer Magnus Walker's obsession with the 911 started when at age 10 his father took him to the Earls Court Motor Show in London in 1977.

A recent goal lead him to try and own every model from 1964, when the 911 was born, right up until 1973, when Porsche introduced the Carrera RS. He managed to get the sought-after '64, but failed to acquire the '73. He claims to have owned over 40 911 models over the past twenty years and now runs a successful business in downtown LA, where he harvests parts from donor 911s and forges them into vintage frames to create breathtakingly cool, one-off cars. Urban Outlaw is a documentary about his story. Here's the trailer.

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