Porsche Offering Modern Infotainment Tech For Classic 911s

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Now your old Porsche 911 can be upgraded up to modern standards.

Own a classic Porsche 911 but want to upgrade the interior tech up to modern standards? Happily, Porsche now has a solution in the form of two new infotainment systems for its classic sports cars available as part of the "Porsche Classic Communication Management" range. Both systems offer functions you would expect to find in a modern car including a high-resolution touchscreen, DAB+ radio, Apple CarPlay support, and onboard navigation.

Developed by Porsche Classic, the infotainment upgrade is a further development of the previous radio navigation system Porsche offered to install in sports cars back in 2015. Fitting it is simple, as the new infotainment system fits in the 1-DIN slot that was standard in sports cars for several decades.


It can be operated with two rotary knobs, six integrated buttons and a touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display. Like the previous model, it includes a navigation function with "Point of Interest" search in an enhanced version. The route guidance arrow can be displayed in a 2D or 3D view, while the map material is provided on a separate SD card that can also be ordered in the Porsche Classic online shop or through a Porsche center.

Digital radio stations can now be received with DAB and Apple CarPlay support is also included. For the first time, iPhone users of version 5 and above can use apps for media playback, navigation and telephony while driving. Media playback is also possible with an SD card, USB, AUX and Bluetooth.


Thanks to its black surface finish and the shape of the knobs, the infotainment system blends seamlessly into the dashboard of classic Porsche sports cars and is suitable for all 911 generations between the first 1960s models and the last 993-generation 911 with air cooling from the early 1990s. Earlier front- and mid-engine models are also supported.

Since 996-generation 911 models and 986-generation Boxster models could already be optionally equipped with a Porsche Communication Management system in 2-DIN format, Porsche is also offering a newly upgraded Plus version featuring a high-resolution seven-inch touchscreen.


The haptic and visual design of the PCCM Plus is inspired by interior components such as air vents or push button switches, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated. Existing components already installed in the car such as the amplifier, loudspeakers or antenna can also still be used and the navigation displays in the instrument cluster are also still supported.

Available to buy in Porsche Centers or from the Porsche Classic online shop, the Porsche Classic Communication Management with map material starts at 1,439.89 euros ($1,554), while the Plus version starts at 1,606.51 euros ($1,734) including VAT. Porsche recommends getting the systems installed at an official Porsche Center.


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