Porsche Once Built a Mid-Engine 911-Bodied Concept

However, it was really the test bed for another now familiar model.

There was a time when Porsche planners and engineers were serious about dropping the 911 and the whole rear-engined design as a whole. Once 911 purists got wind of this proposal, Porsche quickly changed its mind. Instead of the 928 serving as a potential 911 replacement, it was built alongside it. Today, the 911 lives while the 928 has been gone since 1995. Despite the front-engined setup, Porsche was also interested in a mid-engined model.

In order to hide this fact from the world, a 911 Turbo body was used to disguise an early Boxster prototype. Today, that prototype has found its final home in the official Porsche museum. Check it out in the video ahead, along with our now favorite museum curator. Those goofy Germans…

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