Porsche Options Are Awesome: But Are They Worth More Than The Actual Car?

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We built a 718 Cayman with options that cost more that the car itself.

Online car configurators can be tons of fun. You may not be able to afford that awesome new sports car, but you can go online and pretend to build one to your exact specifications. We've taken a look at the BMW 3 Series, which could be jacked up in price if you chose too many options. But BMW can't come close to matching the amazing experience that is the Porsche car configurator. This configurator is so detailed that you can actually change the color of the clock.

We're serious, go onto the Porsche car configurator and choose a car with the Sport Chrono Package. You can change the color of this clock face for $420 in addition to changing the color of the main instrument dials for $690. The dials are just a small example of the multitude of interior and exterior pieces that you can customize, if you're willing to pay that is. Some cars like the Ferrari 488 have some insanely expensive options, but even Italy's best can't match the sheer insanity of Porsche. We decided to start with a base 718 Cayman, priced at $53,900. For that, you get a 300-hp 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and not much else. Porsche makes you pay for some very important features.

Among the many options that we selected for our 718 Cayman, we had to pay for Navigation ($1,730), Adaptive Sport Seats ($3,465), LED Headlights ($1,170), PDK ($3,200) and Ceramic Brakes ($7,400). We also decided to go a bit nuts with Paint-to-sample ($5,500), 20-inch Turbo wheels ($4,750), and Burmester Audi ($4,690). We even decided to go for some ridiculous options like leather-wrapped sun visors, tons of carbon fiber interior trim, stitched Porsche crests, and extra leather. We did our best to add every single option that Porsche offers and we managed to increase the price of our 718 Cayman to $116,345. That is $61,395 more than the $53,900 base price and more than enough for a second 718.

Not only could you afford to buy two base 718 Caymans for the price of our ridiculously optioned model, you could also buy a 911 Carrera S with $13,000 to spare. Just like the Cayman, you can also push the 911's base price through the roof by paying Porsche to cover the entire interior with leather. We doubt that anyone would really spec up a Cayman to such insane figures, but believe it or not, we have seen a $200,000 Cayman for sale. While this exercise may have been a bit silly, it does show that Porsche is a little crazy on the options. These extra goodies are pure profit, and goes some way to explain why Porsche is the most profitable car brand in the world, making $23,200 per car (although the Macan has lowered this number a bit).

Source Credits: www.porsche.com

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