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Porsche Overthrows Lexus As The Luxury Brand With Best Resale Value

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Even we were surprised.

Every year, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) comes out with its 'Best Brands' lists in various categories, and it normally doesn't take too long for the automakers with the top rankings to begin promoting the results. But when it comes to the 'Best Resale Value' category, we're all used to seeing Toyota at the top, and its Lexus counterpart leading the luxury brands. For 2017, KBB once again awarded Toyota the top honors, but Lexus lost. To who? Porsche. Yes, really.

As it turns out, KBB was also surprised by its own findings. "There is a new king, and the throne is well deserved" KBB writes. "Porsche's ability to seamlessly blend its high-performance heritage with polished luxury is broadening the company's fan base every year, and Porsche resale value is outrageously strong." Typically, German automakers are the ones who lost the most resale value, while Japanese brands fare much better. So what happened to Lexus this year? Simply put, its lack of both excitement and envy power was bested by Porsche, an issue even Lexus executives are aware of.

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As for Toyota, 2017 marks the return of a two-year top spot absence, and KBB applauds the automaker for "creating transportation that both appeals to car buyers and minimizes its deprecation over time." That doesn't surprise us in the least, but Porsche being at the top of this category does. There is literally no downside to buying a Porsche right now. So what are you waiting for?