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Porsche Pajun to Battle Tesla Model S

Sub-Panamera to offer an all-electric variant.

AsTesla continues to wow the automotive world with new technology that offershyper performance in premium sedan disguise, other automakers are scramming tokeep up in the all-electric, uber-performing arena. And while its Panamerasedan has long been noted for offering a great combination of driving abilitiesin a luxury environment, Porsche is reportedly looking to expand into theall-electric segment when it introduces a smaller sedan, currently known as thePajun and due for production later this decade.

According to Autocar, Porsche is working on a BMW 5 Series-sized sedanthat will offer an all-electric variant with more than 250 miles in range,aided by the jointly developed lithium-ion battery that Porsche is working onwith Audi. This car should ride on a shortened wheelbase version of the next Panamera'sMSB platform, and the company will aim to keep its weight below the Model S's2190 kg while offering an output that comes out ahead of its 420 horsepower. Porsche isn't the only VW Group automaker keeping Tesla in its sights: Audi isalready planning to fight the Model X crossover with an electric Q8 SUV.

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