Porsche Panamera And Dodge Viper Collide: Who’s To Blame?

Good luck working this one out.

Having followed Lewis Hamilton’s LaFerrari around with Justin Bieber riding shotgun, YouTuber effspot recently came across this sorry sight: the aftermath of a Porsche Panamera and Dodge Viper T/A 2.0 crash. The consensus is that one of the two cars was partaking in a cheeky bit of street racing. From the resulting fender bender it’s impossible to apportion blame. However, given the Viper is still on a dealer plate and the Porsche was taken away on a police flatbed suggesting the driver may have been drinking, our money is on the Porsche being at fault here.

Well deduced, Sherlock. Either way, the owners of these two sweet rides are probably feeling pretty bitter about now.

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