Porsche Panamera Red Race Edition by Anderson Germany


Fast (Red) and Furious. Those words describe the Porsche Panamera tuned by Anderson Germany.

Whether you love the Porsche Panamera or hate it, the big four-door sedan turns heads wherever it goes. Anderson Germany has recently taken one of these new Porsches and worked diligently to give it some more power and aerodynamic features. The Panamera Turbo runs on a turbocharged V8 that puts out 500hp. The German tuners went to work under the hood and got an extra 85hp out of the Porsche engine, leading to a total output of 585hp.

This was achieved by updating the ECU software and the addition of better air intakes and exhausts. The body kit given to the Panamera changes its full style, with additions of side skirts, rear spoiler, new front and rear bumpers, side vents and a diffuser. As you can tell from the photos, the bright red Porsche has been given a raw carbon fiber hood and trunk lid for a brilliant contrast that also matches the black 22-inch wheels. The interior makes use of carbon fiber on the dashboard, center console and steering wheel.

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The rest of the interior was fitted with black leather and an exterior-matching red stitching. No pricing information has been released for the Red Race Edition Panamera by Anderson Germany.