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Porsche Panamera Sales Stopped In The US Due To Suspension Problem

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And some models are also being recalled.

Porsche isn't immune to safety recalls, and this latest campaign involves the Panamera. The German automaker has announced that it's recalling several hundred models of the four-door sedan in the US due to a problem with the suspension. According to a statement released by Porsche, internal testing showed that some models may have rear-axle anti-roll bars that "do not meet Porsche quality standards." Potentially, a connecting link could detach from the anti-roll bar and cause damage to other suspension components.

Thankfully, no incidents or accidents have been reported as a result of this issue, but just to be safe Porsche is recalling a total of 715 Panamera models manufactured in 2017 and 2018 and sold in the United States and Puerto Rico. Porsche will also stop selling the Panamera in the US and Puerto Rico "until further notice." Affected customers will be notified about the recall by mail to arrange a visit to an authorized dealer to have the connecting links for the anti-roll bar on the rear axle replaced. Considering there are as many as seven variants of the Panamera currently on sale in the US, Porsche hasn't specified which models are affected.

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The recall affects a relatively small amount of cars, though, when you consider that Porsche sold 6,731 Panameras in the US and has already sold another 3,838 so far this year.