Porsche Panamera Sandwiched by V8 Supercar

V8 Supercars medical car looks like it could use some first aid itself after an unfortunate run-in with an errant Ford Falcon.

Spec out a Porsche Panamera just right and you could be looking at a venerable V8-powered supercar. But down in Australia, the Panamera serves as the medical chase car for the V8 Supercars series. The specially-equipped Panamera 4S picks up the rear of the pack as it circles Australia's racing circuits and is at the ready in case anything bad should happen to one of the cars or their drivers. But what happens when something bad happens to the medical car?

That's what racing fans Down Under witnessed this weekend at the Homebush circuit during the Sydney Telstra 500. After colliding with another car, Shane Van Gisbergen's Ford Falcon apparently busted its steering rack, and when the medical car approached, it took it out, too.

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