Porsche Planning New Panamera Bodystyles

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New GT coupe among the new derivatives to be spun off the next-generation Panamera.

There's little question that the Panamera has been a big success for Porsche, joining the Cayenne in the German automaker's expansion outside its core competence of sports cars. While the Panamera's driving dynamics are unsurpassed and its interior among the finest in the business, the shape of the liftback sedan has left some wondering what Porsche was thinking. Well, we'll tell you what Porsche is thinking: the Panamera is ripe for expansion to other body-styles.

Speaking with Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller, Automotive News Europe reports that Stuttgart is planning new body-styles based on the Panamera in the coming years. The only definitive version which ANE was able to confirm was the addition of a Panamera-based coupe, which itself will fill the void left by the departure of the 928 way back in 1995. The front-engined, rear-drive (or all-wheel-drive) coupe would give Porsche a much-needed GT to slot in alongside its rear- and mid-engined stablemates. Other versions have yet to be confirmed, but it wouldn't be much of a stretch to imagine a convertible once the coupe is already under development.

The prospect of building a shooting brake wagon like the Sport Turismo concept that debuted in Paris, however, has not yet been approved. The expansion of the Panamera family forms part of a new product offensive underway in Stuttgart, which will also include the new 918 Spyder and the Macan crossover. The decision has reportedly yet to be made on whether to build the 962 project, which would slot a new sportscar in between the 911 and the 918 and share its platform with the next-generation Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8 - a platform which Porsche is developing as part of its new role within the Volkswagen Group. A sedan smaller than the Panamera is also being considered, but not yet to approved.

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