Porsche Plays Semi-Erotic Music to Promote Exclusive Individualization Program

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Do you have the confidence to build your own Porsche? Do you?

When you're spending big on any new Porsche, you ought to be able to customize it. For many people, getting that new Porsche is a lifelong dream, something achieved after years of saving. And if enough cash is available, then Porsche offers something to personalize that dream car even more. It's called the Porsche Exclusive program, supposedly the very best in ultimate personalization. Basically the sky's the limit here as owners can individualize their cars pretty much however they'd like.

Porsche has no problem making it happen. A promotional event was recently held at the Porsche Center Solihull, in the UK. Eight unique cars were on display to give buyers the chance to see what's possible. Check it out in the video ahead. And yes, the background music sounds like it could have been taken right from some soft core porn.

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